Suffering from knee pain

Expressions of knee OA is not only painful but also affect the movement and quality of life. So we need to treat the disease as soon as possible. Food can also be considered therapeutic ingredients that should not be overlooked. They not only provide sufficient energy but also add essential nutrients to help treat the disease more effectively. Specifically, people with knee arthritis should eat a variety of the following foods.What should people with knee arthritis eat?

7 foods people with knee arthritis should eat

1 / Onions

This is one of the foods that people with knee arthritis should eat a lot because onions have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce symptoms of joint pain caused by arthritis. These are flavonoids and quercetin. This dish has a slightly strong taste, so we can make a salad or eat with some other foods to make it easy to eat and help maximize the treatment process.

2 / Spinach

In the treatment of any disease, too, doctors always tell us to eat a lot of green vegetables to provide fiber as well as essential nutrients for the treatment process. If you are treating arthritis of the knee, one of the vegetables you should consume a lot is spinach. Because this food contains vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C, it has antioxidant effects, hindering the aging process. It also helps hinder the process of damaging free radicals. In addition, this vegetable also has the ability to relieve pain due to the high content of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Spinach is also one of the foods high in calcium, helping to limit osteoporosis.

3 / Types of seafood

These products not only add calcium to help strengthen bones and joints, but also provide essential omega-3 for people suffering from osteoarthritis, knee arthritis. At the same time, omega 3 also has the ability to reduce spasticity of the knee, so that the movement will become easier.

4 / Red meats

This is a rich source of calcium to help strengthen bones and joints and improve the pain caused by arthritis of the knee. So you should eat more: pork, poultry, beef has a significant effect on improving the disease.

5 / Turmeric and ginger

These two ingredients have been proven to effectively reduce inflammation. Therefore, when we suffer from knee arthritis, we should supplement it through our diet every day. The patient can be used with some other dishes, or used in processing to make the dish more rich and contribute to the treatment of the disease.

6 / Strawberries

This is one of the fruits that people with knee arthritis should eat the most for many reasons. The first is that strawberries contain a lot of glycoprotein that can help limit inflammation in the knee joint. At the same time, the amount of vitamins and minerals in strawberries has the ability to fight oxygen, strengthen the immune system and limit the possibility of infection.

7 / Foods rich in vitamin C

We probably all know that foods rich in vitamin C have the ability to enhance resistance. Not only good for treating arthritis of the knee, but also in treating many other ailments. In addition, foods high in vitamin C also help reduce pain when suffering from arthritis of the knee. Therefore, patients should eat a lot of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, … to supplement vitamin C necessary for the treatment of the disease.

We have just listed a few foods that people with knee arthritis should eat. Hopefully this information will help you build a reasonable diet, which will help you maximize your treatment.