According to nutrition experts, through research and analysis, it is shown that brown rice has many nutrients for the body. Specifically, vitamins (B1, B3, B6), minerals (Fe, K, Ca, Na, Mg, …); and proteins, fats, and fiber. Therefore, brown rice is considered to be very healthy. As for brown rice, the treatment of osteoarthritis is thanks to the trace elements Fe, K, and Ca that help nourish and regenerate the damaged joints. Thanks to that feature, many people believe that brown rice cures osteoarthritis very well.

One person who has used brown rice to treat osteoarthritis said: “I have osteoarthritis, so the movement is very difficult, holding anything is not sure. A friend showed you how to use brown rice to treat it by making tea to drink. Every day, mix 2-3 cups of brown rice tea to drink; I used it for more than 2 months, the symptoms also decreased a lot. But one day without drinking, the pain recurred; So I have to drink brown rice tea every day ” .

Through this story, we can see that the use of brown rice is effective in treating osteoarthritis. But to what extent should be checked by blood analysis. If the blood is clean, the serum is clear, the red blood cells are fuller than before, then brown rice should be continued. This blood goes to feed the body to help the cells in the degenerated joints gradually recover. In the event that using brown rice remains unchanged, the use of brown rice should be discontinued as it will not work as well.

The above case of the patient shows that they only focus on treating the symptoms of the disease, regardless of the cause of the disease. Just focus on treating symptoms but not cure the cause, the disease will recur and more dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to find out the cause of the degeneration of the joint for timely treatment. In order for the treatment to be effective for a long time, the patient needs to combine other measures such as eating enough nutrients with reasonable exercise.

The fact that brown rice cures osteoarthritis is not available because it is not a cure; it only supports healing. You can only use brown rice long term to reduce osteoarthritis by eating brown rice or making tea to drink.

Osteoarthritis treatment should be carried out early in order not to encounter dangerous complications such as paralysis, paralysis, … Doctors advise patients to use traditional medicine for safe and effective long-term treatment. If using western medicine, you need to see doctor and take medicine according to prescription. Besides, it is necessary to limit eating a lot of fat, working in the right posture, carrying heavy things and needing help from others, … Changing bad habits in eating, living and working is a way for you to prevent Best avoid degenerative joint disease.