During pregnancy, the muscles and joints are subject to undesirable pressure frequently, causing dull pain during pregnancy. Not only that, but these pains can also last after giving birth. Therefore, in the postpartum period, women also need to pay special attention to bone and joint health care to avoid uncomfortable pain in life and life. Here are some issues you need to know about postpartum osteoarthritis pain?

Why women postpartum aches and pains?

Condition pain osteoarthritis as well as the discomfort is common in women after childbirth. Usually this happens due to reasons such as:

Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body, leads to peripheral nerve obstruction. This will make women more susceptible to signs of numbness in the joints.

Postpartum calcium deficiency is also a very common problem in women. This condition also causes osteoarthritis pain after giving birth. In some cases, these pains are also a manifestation of arthritis .

Hormonal changes after giving birth is also one of the important reasons leading to changes in bones and joints, ligaments of women after giving birth. This process usually takes a while to disappear after giving birth.

During pregnancy, some pregnant women do not have proper rest, working in the last months of pregnancy can also lead to back pain after giving birth.

Postpartum back pain is often overlooked because it is considered minor symptoms. However, in the long run, pregnant women suffering from osteoarthritis pain after giving birth can lead to many health problems, affecting their living, movement, and ability to take care of their children. On the other hand, if the pain in the joints after a long pregnancy can also lead to many other osteoarthritis.

How can women recover from osteoarthritis after giving birth

To limit postpartum osteoarthritis pain, women need to note the following issues:

The working time, scientific rest

Arrange time for living and working properly to avoid increasing pressure on the joint areas and muscles around the joint. Scientific rest will also give joints time to recover and increase blood circulation. You should also not stay up late because the skeletal system and muscles also need time to rest. Should sleep before 11 o’clock is best for your health.

Sunbathing to synthesize Vitamin D

Sunbathing at 6-8am to help the body absorb vitamin D better, increase the body’s ability to synthesize calcium. Do not sunbathe after 9am so that the skin is not affected by the radiation in the sun.

Apply gentle exercises

Women can reduce pain by gentle exercise, massage, especially movement in areas such as wrists, ankles, knees, hips, thighs, lumbar, … During exercise, they should pay attention to avoid bending, back bend, twisting movements too much. Before training, you also need a warm-up to warm up the body, avoid unwanted injuries during exercise.

Nutrition regime

In addition to the above measures, women should also pay attention to appropriate nutrition. A reasonable nutrition is essential to regenerate the health and energy of women after childbirth. You should pay attention to soft foods, easy to digest, add white meats such as chicken, use calcium-rich foods such as dark green vegetables, bone broth, fish, and eggs.

In addition, when there are signs of osteoarthritis pain for a long time, women need to pay attention to early examination for improved treatment or intervention according to the doctor’s guidance. This will help you get treatment early if you have bone and joint diseases affecting your health.